What We Do

Associations are born of common interests and concerns among stakeholders in any given profession or group. What’s often overlooked amidst the excitement of banding together in support of those interests is what it takes to sustain and grow such an organization. Doing so often amounts to a second full-time job for association members.

That’s where Shaw Yoder Antwih Schmelzer & Lange (SYASL) comes in. Tap our experts where you need them most – strategy, planning, operations, membership, event management, marketing – or engage us to lead the charge across all disciplines. In doing so, we become passionate and knowledgeable ambassadors of your mission, seamlessly and effectively integrating into the fabric of your association.

From the daily commitments to meet the needs of your members to long-term strategic and financial planning, SYASL brings unparalleled dedication and comprehensive management services delivering stability and the know-how to transform your association from a respected group to a renowned industry authority.

Whether your association is looking to establish a foundation from which to grow or seeks to improve upon its impact and effectiveness, SYASL will tailor our comprehensive services to allow your team to do what it does best – shape and influence the trajectory of your cause.