Telling a Better Story with Motion Graphics

SYASL is continually developing new ways of reaching target audiences with key messages while capitalizing on new trends and technologies. Over the course of late 2018 into early 2019, the firm conceptualized and produced a series of videos on behalf of three association clients to support their advocacy, membership outreach and event production needs.

For the California Transit Association, the production was initially envisioned to provide a compelling and engaging kickoff to the organization’s 53rd Annual Fall Conference & Expo (held in October of 2018), and was guided by the conference theme Transforming Transit: Redesigning Our Future. The video focused on the needs of those who public transit serves, and the challenges the industry faces in providing that service amidst rapidly-emerging mobility alternatives.

The initial version of the video highlighted how programming at the 2018 conference would explore solutions to this evolving transportation landscape. A second version of the video was produced for use post-conference, and has been further utilized to highlight how the industry is poised to address mobility needs while adapting to and incorporating technology-driven alternatives.

View the California Transit Association video “Transforming Transit: Redesigning Our Future.”

The highest-priority advocacy issue for the California Association for Nurse Practitioners is the removal of antiquated physician supervision requirements that impede the ability of nurse practitioners (NPs) to practice to the full extent of their education, experience and expertise. In advance of the introduction of a 2019 legislative proposal to remove NP practice barriers in California, SYASL produced a video to bolster advocacy efforts in support of the proposal.

The production ultimately sought to educate legislators, reporters, and thought leaders about how NPs already practice without direct, in-the-room physician supervision, and to support a change in the law that reflects that reality. The video capitalized on the growing shortage of primary care physicians and a report from the California Future Health Workforce Commission which concluded that the removal of NP practice barriers is critical to addressing that shortage and assuring direct access to care for California’s growing and diverse population.

View the California Association for Nurse Practitioners video “Bridge the Health Care Gap | Support AB 890.”

The California Coalition on Workers’ Compensation stresses that its advocacy efforts are rooted in the collective strength of its membership. To help raise awareness of the organization and fortify membership outreach, a 2019 video production emphasizes how California’s complex workers’ compensation system impairs the economic security of both employers and their employees, presenting numerous hurdles that drive up costs for employers and often delay a return to work for injured employees.

Thus stressing the need for meaningful reform, the production highlights CCWC’s position as the only organization singularly focused on creating an efficient and stable worker’s compensation system in California. The video serves as the centerpiece of a campaign to promote awareness of the complexities of the current system and CCWC’s commitment to balanced solutions.

View the California Coalition on Workers’ Compensation video “Be Part of the Solution.”

In all three cases, the videos were utilized as the foundation of successful social media campaigns that resulted in massive increases in engagement across all channels. All three projects were executed in conjunction with animator Ruben DeLuna.